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There is a wide range of Apparel machines offered by us that removes unbound yarns and dust remaining on product with high vacuum power Special double-stage filtering system. Thread Suck Machine is suitable for various fashions, shirts, western-style trousers, shirts. In the sewing process, the operator does not cut thread ends neatly. All untrimmed threads are cut at the finishing stage. Workers use manual thread trimmers to cut thread tails. The machine absorbs all the loosley-attached threads stuck on the garment after stitching. These Apparel consist of an outer containment cylinder, and an inner perforated drum or basket that rotates within the outer cylinder.

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Thread Sucking Machine

Price: 95000 INR/Piece

Thread Sucking Machine (AG 90)

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Topjets for Trouser and Denim Pressing Machine

Price: 495000 INR/Piece

AG-92 Topjet (Ultra-Premium)


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